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Frequently Asked Questions | Cocke County

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the population of Cocke County, Tennessee?
33,565 in 2000, up from 29,141 in 1990.

2. What is the County Seat of Cocke County?
Newport. TN 37821

3. What is the largest incorporated city in Cocke County?
Newport, population in 2000 was 7242.

4. What are the other cities in Cocke County?
Parrottsville became an incorporated city in 1769 which means that it is the third oldest city in Tennessee, and the only other city in Cocke County. The first city in Tennessee was Jonesboro and the second was Dandridge.

5. Name the other communities in Cocke County?
There are four unincorporated regions in the county which have their own zip codes and post offices. These are Cosby, Del Rio, Bybee, and Hartford.

6. What is the Sessions Court?
General Sessions Court is often the public’s first introduction to the judicial system because of its broad range of jurisdiction. Unlike Circuit Court this court is not a court of record. The General Sessions Court Clerk’s office is responsible for filing all detainer warrants, orders of protection, evictions and small claims lawsuits. Lawsuits filed in General Sessions cannot be more than $15,000.00. The clerk’s office also processes and maintains all the records on all state warrants, traffic citations, misdemeanor court hearings and felony preliminary court hearings. They have the responsibility for collecting, receipting and accounting for all costs, fines and restitution. This office is a fee office and collects revenue which is disbursed to various state and county agencies on a monthly basis.

7. What is the Chancery Court?
The Chancery Court is a Trial Court of general original jurisdiction of all cases of an equitable nature, where the debt or demand exceeds fifty dollars; and every matter of equitable cognizance above said amount is presumed to be within its inherent jurisdiction as a Court of Equity. Established by the Constitution of the State of Tennessee, the Chancery Court has original jurisdiction as a Court of Equity.
Established by the Constitution of the State of Tennessee, the Chancery Court has original jurisdiction over certain other matters, as assigned to it by the legislature, some of them exclusively, others concurrently with the Circuit Court. The Chancery Court collects and distributes child support, collects delinquent property taxes for the county and administers conservatorships and investment of litigant funds paid into the court’s registry. The Clerk and Master is the principal administrative aide to the Chancery Court, providing assistance in the areas of courtroom administration and records management, docket maintenance, revenue management, maintenance of court minutes, official communication, and various other court-associated duties. The Clerk and Master is appointed by the Chancellor for a six-year term pursuant to the state constitution.

8. What does the Clerk & Master do?
See #7 as this is the same as the Chancery Court.

9. What is the Circuit Court?
Circuit Courts are courts of general jurisdiction in Tennessee. Circuit judges hear civil and criminal cases and appeals of decisions from City, Juvenile, Municipal and General Sessions Courts. The jurisdiction of the Circuit Court often overlaps that of the Chancery Court.

10. What are the Court Clerk’s responsibilities?
Court Clerks ensure the efficient operation of state courts by maintaining dockets and records, handling administrative matters and serving as goodwill ambassadors to the public.

11. What can you tell me about the schools?
All of the schools in Cocke County are now accredited by the State of Tennessee and the Southern Association. Cocke County Schools – www.cocke.k12.tn.us

12. What is the meant by the “Partnership“?
The Cocke County Partnership was formed in 2004 to help create synergy for area growth and development. The Partnership is comprised of the Newport/Cocke County Tourism Council, the Newport/Cocke County Chamber of Commerce, and the Newport/Cocke County Economic Development Commission. These three organizations focus on the improvement of economic conditions and quality of life issues facing our community.